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Where can I find material to learn all what I need to be able to develop a Network Marketing business with Forever Living Products?

Local material

Each of the 164 national offices of Forever has locally PAPER material, product samples and promotions material.


Online Training

In every country in which Forever has a Head Office we have online training, videos and social media channels to help you to learn your business.


Search also for our app: “DISCOVER FOREVER”

Use the experience of your sponsor

Martina Hahn – the author of this page – is working since May 2002 with Forever, since 2003 full time.


The tasks of a networker are

to explain the benefits of Forever products

Direct selling

  • Find new customers
  • make them fall in love with the Forever Products
  • be a reliable consultant

and to find new Forever Business Owner.

Team building

  • Explain the Forever business every week to at least 10 people (10 times one hour, or all 10 persons together in a business meeting)
  • Help them with the subscription and first-order process

Train and guide your team to success

teach your group

  • Show them where to find the material to study (for example indicating them this page).
  • If you live nearby then you can make product or business presentations together
  • If you live far away there are email, WhatsApp, webinar or video phone calls also in group possible

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Why study?

Speak with confidence with people

The more you know, the more the people will trust you. While explaining the products and the Forever business opportunity you must know what you are talking about!

Your business will better take off

I read 2 books of Aloe Vera before subscribing as a Forever Distributor and studied all the company rules. So I geo confident enough to be able to earn already in the second month with Forever 1000 Euros! 

You can use the material of the company

Look a video of a product presentation together with a friend so you can easily and sell to him/her.
Look at a business presentation together with someone of your family and learn while you inform others!

Become a Better Learner and Teacher

While you learn you will see that it will be always easier to memorize new information.
And the same is true for teaching: the questions of your prospects and team will make you learn a lot! 

Don't miss FREE TRAVEL

As a successful Forever Business Owner (FBO) you can travel twice a year FREE. 
Study the incentive rules to know what to do to qualify! 

Increase Your Success Opportunity

You will encounter people that “don’t believe” in Aloe Vera or Network Marketing.
These objections will not scare you when you are secure that you are on the right way.

Here you can see the international homepage you can rent

2 themes: 

products + business

Product manual

In every language available

with all the official information of the Forever Products. Ask the Forever office in your nation for the local version!

Look in the shop on – under every product description you will find the link for the products manual sheet in English. 

Business training

First Steps to develop your Forever business

This manual is available in a lot of languages in paper form or to download in pdf. Here the English version:

About US

Money – sure, but also social engagement

Forever Living Products is founded in May 1978 from Rex Maughan, the father of the actual president of the company: Gregg Maughan. 

Here one video that explains the Network Marketing system.

Forever is number ONE in the world to grow, manufacture and sell Aloe Vera and other health products. AND we are a family company that looks as much as possible not only to protect the environment but tries also to help with social engagement.

Like “Rise against Hunger” (“stop hunger now”) that you con see here in this 3 minutes video:  


sales a year in dollar

Martina Hahn - experience in Network Marketing

Countries with Forever office


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be able to sell?

No, knowledge of sales or distribution is not required. More important is that you have an important goal to achieve – so you will be motivated to learn all that is important to create a successful Network Marketing business.

I see here that online training is possible. But are there also "real" courses?

Sure we have. Contact the Forever office of your country to have the next appointments for meetings, presentations and training. 

Are there registration or administration fees to pay?

No, in none of the Forever countries. You pay at Forever only for the products you purchase or marketing material. 

What qualities help to be successful in Network Marketing?
  • The motivation to do something for your future.
  • The desire to create economic security;
  • The ability to organize yourself and relate to people.
  • Phone skills.
  • Concentration on your goals.
  • Ability to be punctual, reliable, to be a person who inspires trust.
  • The willingness to invest in your future (business spirit).
Why do I need to buy products after subscribing as a Forever Distributor?

In some countries, this is not requested but also in these nations, it is useful to have some products to know by yourself and show to your friends

Network Marketing is a business based on “tell your friend the good news”: how convincing can you be to tell someone that the products are good when you do not have tried them yet? 


In our Network Marketing system we are not employed sellers! They often get some free products, free samples and free catalogs from their company. But they maybe have 1-15% commission. 

Networkers are BUSINESSMEN and WOMEN. You pay for the product you will show to others but you have 15% – 48% commission PLUS incentives.  

Where can I find the conditions and rules of Forever Living Products?

The rules of Forever are called “Company Policy” and normally you get them with your first order. Every country – in which Forever has an office – has to adapt a bit to the local laws, so please study the Company Policy for the country you are living in. The general rules from the Head office in the USA you can read here: Company Policy Forever Living Products

Do I have to register a business?

That depends on the tax rules in your country. Your local Forever Products office will help you to discover the local laws for that matter. 

Can I develop the business of Forever online?

Yes and no!

If you are already an Internet Marketer, expert on Social media, SEO, or webmaster: OK, start at once to work online. 

But if you never worked yet with the internet it will be really slow to build a business online. In that case I always consider to starting in “real live” speaking with the people. And in the meantime learn how to work online and what you need for this. 

In general, it is faster to study first what you need to know about the products and the Network Marketing system. And later you can learn how to work online. 


Where can I find other information material?


Contact your local office

Some material you can buy in PAPER with your next order at Forever Living, other material you can find online, other in the reserved area protected with a password.


The international homepage of Forever Living Products has also local information. Choose your country in the high left end of the page.

Example USA: create a login with your ID Forever to enter in the business tools page


Ask your sponsor

If I’m your sponsor (Martina Hahn) we are already in contact. After your subscription you have not only received a confirmation from the company but also an email from me.


Social media

The local /national offices have often a local Social Media channel on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and so on. Often the official page has an HQ in the nickname (Head Quarter).

Further down some examples:

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I’m German, living in Italy and speak also English and Spanish.
For all other languages we will use a translator program! laughing

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