Martina Hahn, FBO Forever Living: +39-340-7012181

Please take note:Martina Hahn, Senior Manager Forever, FBO since 2002

My name is Martina Hahn, I’m FOREVER DISTRIBUTOR, this is not a homepage of the company.

I created this homepage to look for new customers and new distributors. I’m offering the Forever products and business opportunity.

If you are already subscribed as a distributor* FBO you can use the information on my page, but you have to contact your sponsor or the company for help! I do not have time to chat all day long with my colleagues!

*The Forever ID number is VALID in the whole world, but you have to activate the ID for every foreign country you want to be active in. Do this directly at the Forever Living office of your home nation (ask for international sponsoring) or in the distributor area of

Por favor tome nota: Martina Hahn, Senior Manager Forever, FBO since 2002
Mi nombre es Martina Hahn, soy DISTRIBUIDOR FOREVER LIVING, esta no es una página internet de la empresa Forever.

Creé este sitio para buscar nuevos clientes y nuevos distribuidores. Estoy ofreciendo los productos Forever y la oportunidad de negocio.
Si ya está suscrito como distribuidor * FBO, puede utilizar la información de mi página, pero debe ponerse en contacto con su patrocinador o la empresa para obtener ayuda.


* El número de identificación de Forever es VÁLIDO en todo el mundo, pero debe activar su ID para cada país extranjero en el que desee estar activo. Haga esto directamente en la oficina de Forever Living de su país de origen (solicite patrocinio internacional).
Aquí encontrarás mi guía en español para trabajar internacionalmente con Forever.

Achtung: Martina Hahn, Senior Manager Forever, FBO since 2002
Mein Name ist Martina Hahn, ich bin FOREVER DISTRIBUTORIN, dies ist keine Homepage des Unternehmens.

Ich habe diese Internetseite erstellt, um nach neuen Kunden und neuen Vertriebspartner zu suchen. Ich biete die Forever-Produkte und Geschäftsmöglichkeiten an.
Wenn Sie bereits als Distributor* FBO registriert sind, können Sie gerne die Informationen auf meiner Seite verwenden, um jedoch Hilfe zu erhalten, müssen sich an Ihren Sponsor oder die Firma wenden.
* Die Forever ID-Nummer ist auf der ganzen Welt GÜLTIG, aber Sie müssen die ID für jedes fremde Land aktivieren, in dem Sie aktiv sein möchten. Tun Sie dies direkt im Forever Living-Büro Ihres Heimatlandes (fragen Sie nach internationalem Sponsoring).

Un momento di attenzione: Martina Hahn, Senior Manager Forever, FBO since 2002
Mi chiamo Martina Hahn, sono FOREVER DISTRIBUTOR in Italia, questa non è un sito aziendale.

Ho creato questa pagina per cercare nuovi clienti e nuovi distributori. Offro i prodotti Forever e l’opportunità di lavorare da casa con la Forever.

Se sei già iscritto come incaricato Forever* FBO puoi volentieri utilizzare le informazioni sulla mia pagina, ma devi contattare il tuo sponsor o l’azienda per aiuto o consulenza.

* Il numero ID Forever è VALIDO in tutto il mondo, ma devi attivare l’ID per ogni paese straniero in cui vuoi essere attivo. Fallo direttamente presso l’ufficio Forever Living della tua nazione di residenza (richiedi la sponsorizzazione internazionale).

If you are already FBO please open here the guide how to work internationally with Forever


Download the Product Brochure Forever Living

Martina Hahn, FBO Forever: information about Forever distributor registration in KENYA


Registration form to become a Forever Business Owner choosing Martina as your sponsor:
To subscribe as a Forever Living Products DISTRIBUTOR (FBO) in Kenya click on the big green button to register.

At this moment it is only possible to subscribe as a distributor Forever for residents in Kenya. You cannot buy as a simple consumer / customer without discount from the online shop in Kenya yet.


Video presentation: work from home with Forever Living Products in Kenya:

Who is Forever Living?

What products has Forever?

Work from home with Forever

Who is Forever Living Products?


Forever Living Products

Forever Living Products is a multi-level marketing company that spans the globe with over 10 million distributors, operates in 156 countries, and generates more than 2 billion dollars in sales annually.

Forever Living Products and its affiliates are the largest growers, manufacturers and distributors of aloe vera in the world.
FOREVER’s exclusive line of health and beauty products for nutrition, skin care, weight management, personal care and cosmetics has changed the way millions feel, look and live!

  • Aloe Vera grower
  • Producer of natural products
  • Network Marketing company
  • Founded in 1978
  • A family-founded company
  • in 156 countries

Aloe vera and nutrition supplements

The products that Forever offers to you.

Our worldwide bestseller is Aloe Vera Gel to drink, but we also have:

  • Other healthy drinks
  • Aloe vera for skin care
  • Personal care with aloe vera
  • Weight management products
  • Bee products
  • Nutrition supplements
Work from home with Forever Living Products

Work with Forever Living

Create your own business

Be in business for yourself. You have the freedom to make your own schedule, work from where you want, and achieve what you desire.

  • Use the products
  • Share the products
  • Attend training, also online
  • Build a team; be a leader
  • You can reach 156 countries
  • The harder you work, the more you will earn
Headquater Scottsdale Arizona Forever Living Products

Forever Living Products Kenya – East Africa zone

General information


Forever countries of the East Africa AREA:

The Forever Kenya office also take care for these countries: Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan (online FBO registration with the same link as Kenya) 


For Ethiopia, Somalia and South Sudan THERE IS NO OFFICE, NO PRODUCT CENTER AND NO DELIVERY YET. The link for the distributor registration in these 3 countries is the same as for Kenya but I live in Italy, so it is better for these 3 countries that you are looking for a local sponsor that can help you to IMPORT the products of Forever in your country.
FBO’s make their own arrangements on how to fly to Nairobi or send someone to come and purchase and see how to get their items, the office isn’t involved in these arrangements.

Address of the HEAD OFFICE IN KENYA: 

Reinsurance Plaza, 4th Floor, Taifa Road, opposite High Court, Central Business District, P.O. Box 44919-00100, NAIROBI, Kenya
Phone: +254-704064504,
Phone and WhatsApp / sms orders: +254-710600206
Phone and WhatsApp for customer service: +254 712 434 328
Email: (also for email orders)
Business Hours of Forever Living Products Kenya Office 09.00 am – 5.30 pm (Mon – Fri), 10.00 am – 2.00 pm (Sat)


To register in Kenya as a Forever Living Products Distributor (Forever Business Owner = FBO) choosing Martina Hahn as your sponsor please click on the big green button. Then sign up as a distributor if you are living in this area, completing the online form.


After completing the application, your Forever Business Owner number (Forever ID) will appear on the screen immediately as 254 200 XXX XXX
Please write it down and present it when placing your FIRST ORDER

Online ordering is active in Kenya.
You will need your online password to make an order.
To get your online password, send an inquiry with you FBO number to:
To make your online order; visit: Official website Forever Living Products Kenya

  • WhatsApp or sms Ordering: Send your order to: + 254 710 600 206
  • email
  • personally in one of the Product Centers of KENYA.
  • Telephone Ordering: Please call + 254 (0) 710600206, + 254 (0) 704064504. Forever Living Products Kenya has a delivery system.

To order products at Forever Living Products Kenya, here the information you need:

If you do not want to order online you can send a WhatsApp to +254-710600206 with your order, your name and ID number. Calculate the exact price for you and after confirmation you can pick up your order or choose delivery service. The payment is possible with Credit Card, band deposit in one of the three bank accounts of Forever Kenya or M-pesa (mobile phone-base money transfer). Cash is NOT accepted.


5% discounts available for purchases of Kshs 10500 and above. ($103)

From the second order on, the minimum of purchase is Kshs 6100 ($59).

If your goal is to build a serious business with Forever, you should buy the START YOUR JOURNEY PAK (for Kshs 51,452 (price 29.02.2024) at “Forever Preferred Customer” level = 5% discount price).

Purchasing the Start Your Journey Pak you make the step from 5% to 30% commission / discount, and you will be able to start to create a serious business because you will have the right to register new Forever distributors and build a Network Marketing team by yourself.


The total cost should be inclusive the fee of ksh 400 ($3) courier charges if you need your order to be delivered. Delivery is done via G4S

Passwords for logging to your individual FLP account are not generated and sent automatically to new sign ups. They have to call or email the office to request for it upon signing up and processing your first order.
To have a password, kindly call the office between 9am – 5.30pm, Monday to Friday and 10a.m to 2P.m on Saturdays: on +254704064504 or email

The following literature items are available:
 Product Catalogue
 Company Policy booklet (soft copy)
 Price Lists (soft copy)
 Brochures and fliers

From the second order on the minimum of order is $50 or Ksh6612. 

How to achieve success in Network Marketing

You are on my page. Let me introduce to you:

Born in 1968 in Germany I worked the first 8 years in hotels. In 1995 I changed my profession and studied as a Social worker. I like to help other people. But my private passion for ITALY put me in the difficult decision:

Go and live where you like to live, or… stay where you are because of your job. For me it was clear that it was not possible to find a financial security as a social worker in Italy. I really wanted to live near the italian sea, with much better weather than in Germany.

So I looked around for the best idea to realize my dreams and I found Forever Living Products. 

I subscribed as a distributor in May 2002, creating my Forever Business for 8 months in my free time while working at the Caritas in Aachen Germany.

Since 2003 I work now full time with Forever. If you like to better or to change your job and economic situation: I will be happy to help you.

And I also made a course to be naturopath: so if you have questions of the Forever products: just ask me. 🙂

Martina Hahn, naturopath, Senior Manager Forever Living Products

In which countries I can find Forever Living Products

Forever Living Products offices in the world.

Filiali della Forever Living Products nel mondo - uffici nel mondo.

Forever Living sucursales:

Albania; Andorra; Angola; Australia; Austria; Azerbaijan; Azores;

Belarus; Belgium; Benin; Bolivia; Bosnia-Herzegovina; Botswana; Brazil; British Virgin Islands; Brunei; Bulgaria; Burkina Faso; Burundi;

Cambodia; Cameroon; Canada; Cape Verde; Chile; Colombia; Comores; Congo; Cyprus; Czech Republic;

Democratic Republic of Congo; Denmark;

Ecuador; El Salvador; Estonia;

Faroe Islands, Fiji; Federated States of Micronesia (Pacific Ocean, under USA registration); Finland; France; French Guiana;

Gabon; Georgia; Germany; Ghana; Great Britain; Greece; Guadeloupe; Guam (under the USA registration); Guatemala; Guernsey; Guinea;

Honduras; Hong Kong; Hungary;

Iceland; Indonesia; Iraq; Ireland; Isle of Man; Israel; Italy; Ivory Coast;

Japan; Jersey;

Kazakhstan; Kenya; Korea; Kosovo; Kyrgyzstan;

Latvia; Lesotho; Liberia; Lithuania; Liechtenstein; Luxembourg;

Macau; F.Y.R.O. Macedonia; Malawi; Malaysia; Mali; Malta; Marshall Islands (under the USA registration); Martinique; Mauritania; Mauritius; Mayotte; México; Moldova (Republic of); Monaco; Mongolia; Montenegro; Morocco; Mozambique;

Namibia; Netherlands; New Caledonia; New Zealand; Niger; Northern Ireland; Northern Mariana Islands (under the USA registration); Norway;

Palau (under the USA registration); Panama; Papua New Guinea; Paraguay; Peru; Philippines; Poland; Portugal; Puerto Rico (under the USA registration);

Reunion Islands; Romania; Russia; Rwanda;

Saudi Arabia (KSA); Scotland; Senegal; Serbia; Sierra Leone; Singapore; Slovak Republic; Slovenia; South Africa; Spain; St. Barthelemy; Svalbard and Jan Mayen; Swaziland / eSwatini; Sweden; Switzerland;

Taiwan; Tanzania; Thailand; Togo; Forever distributor registration in Turkey;

Uganda; Online store Forever Ukraine; United Arab Emirates; United Kingdom (UK); United States of America; Uruguay;

Vanuatu; Vietnam; American Virgin Islands (under the USA registration);

Zambia; Zimbabwe.


This list is made from Martina Hahn, independent distributor from Forever Living Products Distributor since 2002