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Dear colleague

My name is Martina Hahn, I’m Forever Distributor since 2002.

I created this page to teach you the basics of international sponsoring because every day I get too many questions from colleagues who want to know how to work with Forever in other countries.

Ultimate guide – how to work internationally with Forever Living Products

Please understand that I do not have the time to answer individually to you all. That is the job of your sponsor or the company.

I’m German living in Italy and I do the Forever business online in different Forever countries since some years and that’s the reason why you found me online.

Please read this guide and contact your sponsor or the company for further questions!

First step to work outside your country: activate your ID for the country where you want to do business.

First of all you have to be on the Assistant Supervisor position (30% position), that means you have to do 2 CCs in 2 consecutive months in your home country. Best start directly with the Start Your Journey Pack.

Then you are allowed to activate your Forever ID also in other countries. To do so, go to – login – my account – my global business: and here you can insert the countries in which you would like to do business.

This is only an activation request and it needs 1-15 days to be effective. If you want to hurry up this process you have to contact your local office and in some cases also the office where you want to be active.

What information I need to do business in a new country?

You should have the local product brochure (catalog), price lists, company policy and local material. 

It’s also good to know the delivery service conditions: is there delivery service in this country, how much is the delivery fee, what is the minimum of order?

Specially: what is the minimum of FIRST order for a new Forever Distributor in that country, what is the price for a 2 CC start. This means in the most Forever countries: what is the price for the Start Your Journey pack, sometimes called: Touch of Forever.

And: WHAT is inside this starter pack in the country my prospect is living?

Attention of this fact: not in every country we have the same nutition supplements. Before telling your prospect about a food supplement check out if this products is sold in his/her country. 

Where can I find this material an information?
1.: download the International Sponsoring Guide from – login in the USA (to be sure to have the latest version) – tools – English – share the opportunity – download the pdf.
In this offical guide you will find the basic information about every Forever country office and the contact details.

2.: look in the same page and to in the distributor area for THE COUNTRY you want to be active. Under “tools” you can find often a lot of local material. Some countries DO NOT have anything in that space, so:

3.: contact the company – the local office where you want to be active and ask all the material you need. The adress and contact information you find in the International Sponsoring Guide.
Some offices are faster with WhatsApp, some does not use yet WhatsApp, so you write a mail.

4.: look if I have detailed information of that country on my page: – than open the page of the country you want to work with.
In this list are only the nations I chosed to be active. 

5.: Forever USA is not really good at answering emails. So better try to contact the international Facebook page of Forever if you have questions.
Most times the local offices have also other social pages, often with HQ in the profile name, that stands for Heatquarter.

6.: Have a look here: where I explain where to find material.

Why do I (Martina Hahn) not work with some Forever countries?

Forever has offices in 164 countries worldwide, but in every of these countries Forever certainly has to respect the local rules.

Some countries (example China) does not allow international sponsoring. Other countries (example India) ask to open a local tax account which in the case of India would be expensive, other offices are not allowed to pay the bonus outside its own nation (example Nigeria, Algeria, Croatia).

Some countries do not offer yet delivery service, some are not allowed to do online business (example Bangladesh), others do not even yet has a Forever office (example Pakistan). 

I personally decided to work only with the countries WHOSE LANGUAGE I KNOW, and then this country has to have at least online registration for new Forever distributors.

The countries that are “connected” in the international homepage and offer registration directly from normally are the best (easier) to work with. Some countries (like Italy) has a local homepage, that permit to INSERT your ID number, example:

Other countries have also a local homepage but the “ID integrations” is not possible (example Albania uses still the pdf application form and has not yet online registration).

Important: get the rules, study and apply them

Forever has for every country the Company Policy, and most countries also have a guide for ethical behavior and a Digital Marketing Guide.

If you do not find this material for the country you want to do business, take the USA version from the company homepage: login to – tools.

And please sell in every country only the products that are allowed to sell. Forever has to respect the local ministry of health rules. So if a product is not sold in one country, you do not have the right to send it from another country.

Check out local time and phone prefix

If you want to work with other countries please learn two simple facts:

– you can ask google for the prefix of the phone number (you cannot imagine how often I’m asked where I live!!)

– and you can also ask google what time it is in that country. One reason why I got fed up to answer colleagues is that often they contact me in the middle of MY ITALIAN NIGHT and than they even insist writing “why do you not answer?”

The offices are working in office time (as me) and you cannot expect an answer at the local midnight


What I have to do if I change residence (living in another country)?

Look in the distributor area of the international website of Forever Living Products and try to find the module for “relocation”, fill it out and send it to your home office and also to the Forever office of the country where you are going to live.

If you do not find this form, just ask your original home office.

In Forever you have the business “in your pocket” even if you go to live in another country and intend to work there with Forever while continuing to do the Forever Business.

If you are active with 4 CCs monthly in the country you have communicated the residence change to Forever, you will be automatically active also in the whole world and be able to get your bonus also from the country you leave.


If you go in holidays in another country

Since 2002 I do every time in this way when I go in holidays in another country: 

– I make sure that my ID is activated for that country.

– I download the local material (see question above) on a USB stick to have it with me. 

If you like to go to the local office, you can shop for your personal use and also to sell the products (I did so in Australia for example). 

And you can also register some new contacts in that country, as I did years ago in an Easter Holiday at Tenerife – that’s a Spanish island. 

But to do so, be better prepared: inform yourself before doing the trip. 

Official hompage Forever Living

Official Facebook page FLP

List of countries in which I am active

How to start a successful business

20 years with Forever

Sometimes I get contacted by new Forever FBO’s that want to have from me the answer if Forever is a real business or a scam.

I can understand this because especially the first months in a new Network Marketing business activity can be scary!

But do you really need me for that? What can the opinion from a German woman that full filed her dream thanks of the Forever business do for YOUR INCOME?

I guess it is better to look at the facts as:

  • Forever is founded in 1978 and has offices in 164 countries.
  • The products are approved of 164 health ministries worldwide.

Scammers do not pay tax.
Forever Business Owners do pay tax!

The worst that can happen if you buy your first products is that you never sell nothing, because you do not learn how to do it, and you give up before you have success.

But also in that case nothing bad happened: you bought some quality products and can improve your wellness with them, and you also did so with a discount!

Make your dreams come true with Forever